Freezing Rain

Session 2: The Elf and the Admiral

Allies in a strange land

We begin with the party, tired after scavenging those materials, resting by their Snow crawler at the evening by a campfire. While Terrel and Thorin were fast asleep, "Lance" went on to search the commander's tent while Armin kept watch. While outside, Armin spotted a tall slim figure on the horizon, who snapped his finger and vanished when the cleric tried to approach him. Soon after, Armin heard gunfire coming from the command center and rushed to his ally. It turns out that the officer had risen from the dead, and "Lance" had to gun him down. meanwhile, the corpse of a flame trooper emerged, setting Armin on fire. The situation seemed dire, until a mysterious Elf, along with their Admiral Jacob Longsworth. They all left the base together, taking the Snow crawler with Thorin and Terrel.

After some time, the party made it back to a base camp, where the elf introduced himself as Draladen Shadowfell. He told the party of Wayfeel Goldleaf and how he put his race and civilization to extinction. The party agreed to help him, as Wayfell was searching for Armin's sister, the next high priestess. Draladen gave the party a tour of the camp, as well as introducing them to two other dragonborn twins, Dracon the Druid and Dracon the Harbinger. The party was left to roam around the camp while Dracon the Druid searched the woods and the Harbinger returned to his work as a smith.  After several things were crafted, and a fire elemental was accidentally summoned, Draladen gathered the party together to inform them of a dire situation.



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