T-19 Infantry Rifle

A slim metal rifle used by most Sultanate Infantry

weapon (ranged)

The T-19 infantry rifle is a magazine-fed rifle that has five shots per magazine. Each shot deals 2d10 piercing damage and is effective at medium ranges.


When the Sultanate first learned about crafting firearms, the first weapon was a very basic but effective model. The T-19 was originally used as a rifle for the common people, and was a weapon made for inexperienced tribesman and soldiers.

The rifle was made by the Sultan’s Artificer Council, a group who were given special insight into weapon and vehicle inventions. They learned that making the weapon would take a easy development process to be mass produced, so they made a single mechanism that had a barrel and a stock so that it could be produced effectively and efficiently.

Soon after the success of the weapon became widespread, many citizens and Sultans used these weapons for their armies for an effective rifle that can be used by almost anyone. It is now preferred by tribesman of the deserts as well as basic infantry in the Sultanate.

T-19 Infantry Rifle

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