Thorin Gurson

A Dwarf from the mountains and adept with a rifle.


A hardy and wise Dwarf who knows how to shoot a rifle. He is also familiar with the concept of surviving in extreme weathers in the mountains thanks to the living conditions of his home.



Raised in the mountain villages of what is now the United Empire, Thorin grew up with two older brothers. When he was only a young child, he killed his first bear after it attacked the village.

When he grew older, he found that he was a pure marksman; something that most would have to train years for. However, thanks to the bloodline of his kin, Thorin learned that he had a crack for breaking skulls hundreds of feet away rather than use a mace and shield. He has learned to help the local clergy in dealing with petty necromancers and their undead, adapting to fight the unholy scourge.

Eventually, his skill as a marksman earned him an applicaiton to the United Empire’s armed forces. He accepted, leaving home behind to fight in a new war; a war with the Yusan Sultanate.

Thorin Gurson

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