Priestess Alina Reginold

The daughter of the current High Priestess of Bahamut


A slim figure donned in white robes and wielding a small mace, this young girl is next in line as the next High Priestess of Bahamut, dragon-god of Life and War.


As a young member of a noble family, Aline learned quickly of the lands she stayed in. But unlike her other sister who spent their days enjoying the comfortable life, Aline was out helping the homeless, healing their wounds and providing them food. While the help of her brother Armin, the two helped the locals with religious problems as well as keeping care of the training militia after training.

However, life was going to change for her real quick. Before, her sister Talaine was originally supposed to be the next High Priestess. However, during the ceremony of religious recognition, Bahamut refused to even let her enter the sacred chamber. It turns out that Talaine had been dealing with acts of revelry that went against the scripture of her god. Dismayed and shocked, the people almost rioted against the Reginold house until Bahamut spoke out,

“Now do not be angered by her actions: For in her sins against my code of life and pride another has paved the way to clear this debt. As it must be, their must be an heir or heiress to the High Priesthood. I have watched as one of her sisters took up the mantle to serve my disciples, helping the wounded and curing the sick. In one’s failure, another will be successful. Since a candidate must be recognized now, I choose Aline Reginold to take the place of her twisted sibling.”

From that day on, Aline was placed in place of her sister. She learned the ways of the sanctum, growing in understanding and piety every day. While praying inside the council chambers, Bahamut once again returned to speak to her.

“Alaine, priestess of my will.”

“Yes, divine one?”.

“A new world has opened up, one with the tides of war. I call upon you to go, and speak in my name that the other disciples may not despair.”

She did as her god commanded, and now she flies on the airship known as the Red Eagle, ready to serve her lord.

Priestess Alina Reginold

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