Freezing Rain

Trench of Tombs

Deep Behind Enemy Lines

After retunring from the battle, Armin, Lance, Terrel, and Thorin all gathered together to discuss an important issue. It turns out that Draladen had been doing some reconnaissance, and he has found out that Armin's sister Alina may be at the Trench of Tombs, a Sultanate forward line that was the main Northern defense for that region. He would have Dracon the Druid teleport them in to see if he was correct.

Before they departed, the party decided to prepare by crafting more goods. Terrel, anxious to modify his shovel-greatsword, accidentally made the legendary artifact Armageddon.  The rest of the party made either ammo or more weapons (shovels). Once they were ready, they were teleported in.

They appeared at a tree line overlooking a small patrol outside of the trench. Terrel was first to engage, following a tactical takedown on Thorin's behalf. They party advanced their way past the first trench into a field with vehicle wreckage, overlooked by machine guns with spotlights. Armin prayed to Bahamut for strength, rushing in first to battle. The dragon-god gave him strength; a shield that prevented the guns from doing him any harm. He rushed into the fray, killing off soldiers along with Terrel as they both made the push to clear out the trenches. Lance's rifle (with 12 random magic effects) brought forth one of the bodies back to life. However, he also lost the weapon to another plane of existence. With the fight over, the party looked to push forward when they heard a scream.

It was Armin's sister, and she was coming in fast with a plane to pick them up. They all hastily jumped on, leaving amidts the risen forces of those from the Red Eagle.



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