Freezing Rain

The Corrupted

A encounter with a strange but deadly foe

After almost setting their new camp on fire, Armin and Lance were called upon by Draladen Shadowfell, who had learned some grave news. It turns out that the crash site of the Red Eagle was already taken over by the Sultanate, and a new foe has engaged them in combat. Draladen asked the two to go with Dracon the Druid to find out what is going on. That is when Armin had a vision.

The encumbering darkness of his vision was almost enough to bring him to his knees. However, he could still see what this was. He saw a god-like knight, who was strangling his sister, demanding the will of the light. That is when the vision ended, so Armin joined Lance and Dracon as they went to the Red Eagle to investigate.

When they reached the site, only four Sultanate soldiers were against a entire horde of lifeless undead. The battle began fierce, as the Sultanate did not notice their Empire adversaries until it was too late. After the horde was defeated and all was left was the party and Sultan Zaran, two other figures appeared. One was a undead covered in boney armor and the other was a floating skeletal wizard, who summoned a amethys crystal which took all of the dead bodies inside it. After a short but tedious fight, the party eventually triumphed, revealing the corpses that were now covered in a dark substance that clang to them. Now, they must return back to Draladen to inform them of the situation.



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