When the world of Alegon was created, the mortal races were divided between two continents, leaving one untamed land hidden from the world by a engulfing mist. The divine beings Bahamut, Erathis, and Moradin charted the continent now known today as Paragon. The lesser of the five dieties, Bane and Correllon, are left with the deserts of Ahnket and the mortals placed there. Soon after the world took form, the nomadic nature of all the races slowly began to turn into groups that abandoned their tribal ways.

Small factions and republics grew out of the nomadic tribes, worshipping certain deities. However, as time went by, these factions would grow into the two major empires that exist today on Alegon; the United Empire and the Yusan Sultanate. Each empire has a vast culture, relying on religious theocracies to govern their lands. However, that is where the similarities end. Thanks to the higher gods and their gifts of wisdom, the United Empire grew into a developed society with a strong military and many unique inventions. The crude and scavenging peoples of Ahnket have learned to make weapons that can combat the massive beasts of the desert.

Ever so slightly, these two empires would soon find each other, ready for war. After a heated debate between Bane and Bahamut, the council of Gods decided to lead their separate empires against one another for the sake of superiority.  They parted the mists, Leaving open the third continent ready for war. However, some being has been playing from the shadows this entire time, growing a force of unnatural proportion.

Freezing Rain