T-21 Cavalry Rifle

A rifle used for horseback combat.

weapon (ranged)

A long-range rifle that shoots .248 rounds. It deals 4d6 piercing damage and has a magazine of 10 rounds.


When the age of weapons first came into existence for the Sultanate, many people still navigated via horseback. Many law enforcers, couriers, and traveling mercenaries prefereed the horse over most other means of transportation, even the safer biplanes. However, many of the weapons that existed had too much stopping power or were to heavy to wield while riding across the sands.

However, a gunsmith name Pasul Isef made a rifle that used a unique mechanism; one that allowed the user to load bullets from the top into the chamber. To compensate for any issues with balance, he had a weighted stock attached to the weapon to provide balance, while the lever-action rifle had a light barrel and priming system.

Soon after the development of these weapons came into existance, it was clear that the weapon could be used on only by cavalry, but by any person in a vehicle. It became the go-to rifle for emergency landing kits for Sultanate pilots, as well as officers who decorated their rifles with various carvings.

T-21 Cavalry Rifle

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