T-20 Anti-Material Rifle

A rifle used for taking down armor at long ranges.

weapon (ranged)

This one-chamber rifle shoots a .50 round that deals 10d6 piercing damage at long ranges, piercing the most heavy armor.


After the creation of basic infantry rifles, the war between the Yusan Sultanate and the United Empire broke out. When Yusan soldiers first fought their new adversaries, they found that they were outmatched. The Empire would roll over the hills with massive machines of war, mounted on wheels or tracks with explosive weaponry.

A solution had to be made soon or the Sultanate would lose the war entirely overnight. That is when an unnamed inventor developed the blueprints for an upgrade to the current T-19 infantry rifle. The rifle could only have one shot in the entire weapon, but it had such great stopping power it could burst through the armor of most vehicles, destroying the ammo supply with a well-placed shot.

After developing the first prototypes, the T-20 Anti-Material Rifle was tested against a full armor unit. The results were so successful, the Sultans agreed to make the weapon a military staple for the war. It is now preferred by the Sultanate Skirmishers, elite troops that acts as the anti-tank unit for their armies.

T-20 Anti-Material Rifle

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