Terrel Foyer

A warrior who fights for his people and country.


Terrel is a Tank Guard who has some experience under his belt from several battles.



To the South of the mountain regions of Paragon, Terrel Foyer grew up with one brother and six step-sisters thanks to an arranged marriage. While his sister enjoyed the splendor of living off of their parents, Terrel and his younger brother, Lacin learned how to be self-sufficient. The two were praised by their parents, having all their education expenses paid for. However, the two still continued to work, making a company to do the labor part of repairing vehicles, while Lacin’s childhood friend Reginold did the finance and technical parts.

Eventually, the company was shut down after a depression of sorts. The tyrant king had fallen, and a new theocracy was formed. the two brothers were left without a job, only relying on carefully spending their savings. Their sister’s grew jealous of how their living was worse than that of their “lower” brothers, so they murdered their step-mother (who was Terrel and Lacin’s actual mom) and tried to take all of the inheritance for themselves. They were stopped by the new government, leaving the two brothers with all of the inheritance as well as the entire house. After long discussion between the two brothers, they gave their inheritance to Reginold, who made the new landship as well as new weapons. Reginold got the two brothers into the military, but the two were separated with Terrel going to the Red Eagle airship while Lacin became a consultant for strategic advice.

Terrel Foyer

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