A officer who operates the Red Eagle's spy unit.


A master of stealth, “Lance” uses his sneaky figure to manuver around, serving as the first spy officer of the United Empire. His experience with espionage proves his value on the Red Eagle.



Raised in a small village just north of the capitol city, “Lance” was a profound trickster who always managed to sneak away at the right times. He could steal any secret, any mishap, and use it to manipulate people into doing what he wanted. He was so good at it, the headmaster at his school used him to track down bullys and other groups of misbehaving students (and he was paid for it).

The headmaster was so pleased with the young man’s skill, sent in an application for Lance to become a member of the military as a spy. They accepted, and soon after they were not dissapointed. Lance managed to pull information about a resistance hideout, a necromancer’s lair, and a major coup against the religious pantheon all in one month! Suprised by the success, the higher-ups of the military appointed him a Lance Corporal after only two months of enlistment (Hence how he got the name). He now serves as the coordinator for spies dispatched against the Yusan Sultanate, handling information on the Red Eagle


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