Draladen Shadowfell

A ranger with a troubled past


Draladen stands pretty tall, using twin elvish swords and an enchanted longbow to hunt in the ancient lands of his home.


Before the mists parted from the third continent, a civilization known as the Sheladon Republic. Unknown to any other part of the world, these Elvish and Dragonborn people lived side-by-side for over 50 centuries, making a prosperous government with it’s own elite enforcement unit, the High Guard. The High Guard was Draladen’s home; the only things he can remember were being raised to fight with the other guardsmen.

When he reached the proper age, Draladen was indoctrinated into the order. He was skilled with his weapons of choice; the two shortswords made by his adopted father and the bow he crafted himself. For the next hundred years, Draladen would serve as the council’s greatest scout, finding the locations of several insurgencies.

However, to the sidelines, another ranger was growing jealous. Wayfell Goldleaf, another scout, grew jealous of how the spotlight he had suddenly swapped over to this new Elf. Enraged at the council for giving him a service star, Wayfell used a unique gateway called the hellgate to bring the infernal dragon-demon Punthrax into this realm.

Shortly after the dragon was put into place, Draladen saw the wreckage that his former comrade left; cities were destroyed, millions of people were slaughtered, and only the two scouts remained. Despite Draladen’s best moves, Wayfell dissipated into shadow, leaving the lone ranger amongst dead bodies. Draladen now had a mission, to find and and kill Wayfell Goldleaf, the corrupted.

Draladen Shadowfell

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