Armin Reginold II

A combat-ready cleric who excells at healing.


Armin comes from a long line of individuals who have been attuned to the divine power of their god Bahamut. He is skilled in combat, but also possesses the ability to heal his allies mid-battle.



Armin was born into a religious family who was that of one of the three high priests. When he first learned to walk, he was learning to fight. When he was learning morals and reason, he was practicing the divine power of the life domain. He has learned over time of a powerful wrath that lies in the power of Bahamut, dragon-god of life and war.

When he graduated from his early school years he was placed under the mentorship of his father, Armin Reginold I. He learned the basics of manuverable combat and how to outsmart your opponents, granting the ability to fight with ease. His father also taught him the religious scripture, but also another truth. The Reginold family is not as trustworthy as the other gods in the pantheon to that of Bahamut. These teachings grew on Armin, and he learned to be hesitant to the other religions of the United Empire.

After some minor training, Armin’s father placed him in the Empire Military Academy of Military Religion Training. He soon became an officer-cleric, now stationed on the Red Eagle heading into an unknown war.

Armin Reginold II

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