Admiral Jacob Longsworth

The (former) captain of the Red Eagle


Jacob is a man who was weathered by war between the Empire and the Sultanate, wearing a worn uniform with the tattoo of a maiden on his neck with the name Charlotte.


As a young child, Jacob was always fascinated with the sky. He would sit on his porch all day, watching the birds fly through the wind in the grasslands of the United Empire. He would keep talking about how cool it would be to be up there with the birds, soaring amongst the clouds.

Around his teenage years, he was accepted into the Imperial Academy of Aviation. He learned quickly how to fly a plane, and work with his team to take down major targets during the war between the Empire and the Baron’s Alliance. He was very successful until he suffered a crash landing, fracturing a leg bone. The combat doctors said soon after that he wouldn’t be able to fly again, due to the risk of the bone completely shattering due to the G-Force.

Jacob was distressed, but the military still had a use for him. During his service, he had began training to be the Admiral of an airship, the Red Eagle. To this day, Jacob owes the Emprie his life and gratitude, and willingly serves in it’s most dangerous aerial conflicts.

Admiral Jacob Longsworth

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