Freezing Rain

Session One: Stranded

The beginning of the fight for survival

Our adventure starts with the players Thorin Gurson, Armin Reginold II, Terrel Foyer, and "Lance" all waking up after the crash of their airship, the red eagle. Confused and dazed, the party split up around the half of the crashed airship that wasn't completely on fire. Lance, the surveying spotter they needed, found a Snowcrawler Transport Truck with only a few missing spark plugs. Armin searched around for any weapon he could use, but found a pistol with no ammo. Thorin searched for materials and food, finding several rations and the location of three of the five spark plugs they needed. Meanwhile, Terrel Foyer found an axe, chopped up some wood, and found and killed a bear using only the timber he cut down.

Once the party regrouped, and after they scavenged some rifles and swords from the wreckage, they started thinking of a plan. One thing that Armin noticed was that his sister, the next high priestess who was going to give a speech at a fortified position, was nowhere to be found. When night struck, Armin prayed to Bahamut for guidance, Thorin went to investigate a blood trail that was heading into the forest, and Terrel and Lance decided to head to a vantage point they saw from the wreckage. When Lance and Terrel made it up  to the rock, Lance climbed his way up to see three locations (one to the Southwest, one to the North, and one to the East) had smoke emerging from them. He also noticed the sounds of their enemies voices, the Yusan Sultanate, emerge from the tree line, and combat had begun.

Terrel rushed the newfound enemies, severing the legs off of what seemed to be a basic infantry soldier. The other enemy, the pilot of a plane, shot the barbarian up close with a pistol, almost nicking a vital organ. Hearing the gunshots, Armin rushed to the sounds to see what was going on. The infantry soldier shot Lance, wounding him to extreme measures. However, Lance manage to hide behind a snow pile and take out the pilot while Armin stabbed the soldier in the back of the head.

Meanwhile, while chaos was in the west, Thorin's stubby legs trailed on as the blood trail came to a close, leading to a open cave. As Thorin approached the cave, he could see the mutilated bodies of Empire soldiers, accompanied by a dreaded growling sound coming from the cave. Thorin, understanding the situation he could get himself in, left the cave slowly and began making his way back to the wreckage of the Red Eagle. Meanwhile, a divine voice spoke to Lance. Bahamut, dragon-god of life and war, told the Lance Corporal that he needed to head South, where the fortified position was located. The four, after finding some more spark plugs, got in the snow crawler and headed south.

The journey was only two days, and the party saw the forward position. Strangely silent, Thorin pulled the vehicle to s stop just on top of a hill. Terrel and Armin stayed behind while the other two went in to see what is going. As they got closer, the smell of frozen dead flesh consumed them as they entered the barracks. Someone (something) killed all of the soldiers in the encampment. Having no lead on Armin's sister, the party decided to stop and rest, loading two crates of rations they found onto the Snowcrawler. By the time the fourth night fell, the party was sitting by the campfire and talking about everything they saw.



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